February 20, 2017

Toplink really seems to be at the top of their game.They've definitely are taking one for the team on this book! They  appreciate my dorky sense of humor and want to try to use it to the advantage of the book.  Cheryl Brent and Kate Vinton both know that getting a book out there is hard work yet they take it on. Yes, I would most definitely use them again.  Working on another book and would like to see the magic they could do a second time.

About The book:

Darius Metcalfe, III, known as III and his homosexual best friend, emotional brother Marc Andrews found jobs at an African American drag night club called Ebony Peacock as singers, dancers, comedians, kitchen staff. While dealing with this, the Depression and family tragedy they learned about themselves who they could depend on or not! And had a few laughs along the way while thinking about their futures after high school and Ebony Peacock.

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