February 9, 2017

I started writing fiction novels in 2011. It was not my intent to publish as I was writing to control my pain. I have Degenerative Joint Disease and I am allergic to so many medications I was told not to have any more surgeries after I had both hips replaced. Each surgery I became allergic to five or six more medications. Soon there would be nothing I could take if I was to have more surgeries. I didn't want to become reliant on pain medication so I was playing video games to control my pain. A dare to write a better science fiction story started me writing and I found when I am writing I can control my pain. I had been writing since and began publishing my books when  someone told me I could self publish. Many companies told me all the wonderful things would happen if I published my books but until you called me not one promise matured. I received my first substantial royalty last week after you called and told me you would run a special month of marketing. I know from the many p...

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August 16, 2017

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