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Tips On Advertising A Self-Published Book

August 16, 2017

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Tips On Advertising A Self-Published Book

August 16, 2017




For up-and-coming authors, the publishing industry is a global battlefield where everyone has the opportunities to present their stories and capture millions of would-be readers, or thousands of decision-makers at least. Let’s say you have the confidence. You have the best editor in town. You even have the most supportive networks: family, friends, colleagues, virtual friends on your social media accounts, and church members. Do they constitute the fan base that your book deserves to be read? Not enough at all.


Self-published authors who have built their empire like Lisa Genova, Michael J. Sullivan, Amanda Hocking, or the controversial EL James are the living proofs that there might be no one-formula-fits-all  approach in becoming a best-seller but one thing is certain, advertising or marketing a self-published book plays a vital role in maximizing its full potentials.


There are 3 TIPS that every self-published author must remember before they embark on the journey that lies their winning or losing moment.





Before you listen to one’s word or language, you look at someone’s physique or gaze at his/her face. The same is true with the book that you want to show the world.

  • Has the book been professionally designed?

  • Does the layout fit the standards of the book shelves and libraries?

  • Does the book manifest a striking content by just glancing at the cover?

This might be a cliché but one look does matter.





According to Kristine Kathryn Rusch, USA Today bestselling author and renowned business blogger, Discoverability means the difference between gaining an audience and publishing into the void. Being discovered is the first, true jump into the pool with the other authors out there.



  • Why should readers spend their time on your work?

  • Who knows you as an author? (this is a sold question)