Thank you for delivering what you said you would.

Emmy Ayarza - Toplink Publishing Author

I started writing fiction novels in 2011. It was not my intent to publish as I was writing to control my pain. I have Degenerative Joint Disease and I am allergic to so many medications I was told not to have any more surgeries after I had both hips replaced. Each surgery I became allergic to five or six more medications. Soon there would be nothing I could take if I was to have more surgeries. I didn't want to become reliant on pain medication so I was playing video games to control my pain. A dare to write a better science fiction story started me writing and I found when I am writing I can control my pain. I had been writing since and began publishing my books when someone told me I could self publish. Many companies told me all the wonderful things would happen if I published my books but until you called me not one promise matured.

I received my first substantial royalty last week after you called and told me you would run a special month of marketing. I know from the many promises I was made not one of them could put the promise to actuality as you have. I had given up on anyone being honest and proving what they say instead of just promising royalties I never saw. Thank you for delivering what you said you would. I did see the results inspiring me to publish more of my books.

Thank you for everything,

Emmy Ayarza

Wild Rush Western Mystery Adventure by Emmy Ayarza
What The West Needs by Emmy Ayarza
Making Mills Way by Emmy Ayarza


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